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Pathway to Ascension

Astrological Sun Signs

Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra
Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces
"Astrology and astronomy were established as sciences around 5000 B.C.E. in Chaldea and Babylonia. Many of the great names in the history of our world civilization were astrologers. Our Western history books simply call them philosophers, astronomers, doctors of medicine, theologians, politicians, mathematicians-ignoring the fact that astrology played a major role in their lives and thinking."
---Nancy Detweiler
A New Age Christian: My Spiritual Journey
     Your zodiac sun sign signifies the energy on which your Soul incarnated this lifetime. Though there are numerous additional factors influencing the overall map of your Soul, your sun sign plays a major role in your life. Your sun sign reveals your consciousness of self as a unique human being.
     If you also know your Ascendant's sign energy, you may study the zodiac energies from yet another point of view. Your Ascendant energy most often characterizes the way others perceive you. At the soul-centered level, your Ascendant energy reveals your Soul's purpose and the activities through which you most naturally express that purpose.
For example: My Ascendant is Virgo. Most people view me as a hard worker who pays close attention to details. With a Virgo Ascendant, the activity through which I express my Aquarian Soul's energy is service to others. Aquarius is the Waterbearer to humanity. Therefore, I am a waterbearer to humanity through the way I serve.
I give credit to three outstanding astrological writers
from whose works I have gleaned
much information.
Alan Oken, Soul-Centered Astrology
Isabel M. Hickey, Astrology: A Cosmic Science
Myrna Lofthus, A Spiritual Approach to Astrology


The person who is Aries is living an important incarnation. In Aries, you are to establish a strong sense of self as a separate, unique human being. This means that you are learning to think for yourself, to move beyond simply following the crowd, and to develop your own self-identity. This incarnation will offer you opportunities to experience your own inner resourcefulness, courage, and self-reliance. Your soul will guide you into situations and relationships that will require that you recognize and use these parts of yourself.
For example: The parents you chose for this incarnation may have deserted during your adolescence, leaving you with younger siblings to care for. In order to cope, you were forced to develop self-reliance; you had to be courageous in holding the family together; and you had to be resourceful in providing food and shelter. In addition, the most constructive emotional response you can have toward your parents will be one of understanding and gratitude. By their behavior, they assisted you in learning your Aries soul's lessons. Therefore, there is nothing to resent nor to forgive.
A positive response to lessons providing you with the opportunities to develop a separate sense of self will also assist Aries in overcoming a dominant predisposition-anger. Aries is to transform his anger into the energy of unconditional love. Because Aries is a fire energy that easily explodes, this conversion of anger into love can be a lifelong lesson.
Aries thrives as he works to bring into fruition his idealistic ideas and insights. Aries is the pioneer of the zodiac. As Aries follows through on his original ideas, he experiences personal fulfillment as a separate, unique individual. He successfully learns his Aries incarnation soul lessons. He becomes a natural leader with all the optimism that is innately his.
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The person who is Taurus incarnated to establish an enlightened system of values that transcends attachment to material possessions and persons. Therefore, many of her soul lessons will involve dealing with physical plane responsibilities and seeking a balance between the desire to possess and greed. Taurus tends to be dependent and prefers a relationship in which she both possesses the other person and feels possessed by him. Her soul lesson involves learning to "let go" within relationships and to assume a measure of independence. Taurus's greatest fear is that of personal or material loss.
A Taurus incarnation will involve confronting her passions and instincts as she strives to determine for herself the extent to which she will be controlled by them. Taurus must put forth a major effort to overcome inertia and fear of change. For this reason, she may feel that life pushes her around, rather than that she is in charge.
For example: Taurus may be unhappy or filled with resentment over her job situation, yet neglect to get busy and make the changes needed to bring about personal fulfillment. Her passion is to possess; her instinct is to remain in the familiar, where she feels secure. Thus, Taurus often convinces herself that she has no choice.
The Taurus incarnation is to be a highly creative one. This creativity needs to be encouraged and developed at an early age. If Taurus is allowed to grow up with no creative outlets, she, as an adult, often has great difficulty in learning to express that creativity. For to do so would be to change her habits-an activity Taurus will attempt to avoid until forced to do so by life's circumstances. Taurus needs to create with the use of physical tools. Some type of creative musical expression is important for her well-being.
The Taurus individual who is attuned to and expressing her creativity can be a resource of healing and transformation for others. Taurus possesses the capacity to infuse life into her creations.
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The person who is Gemini incarnated to learn through a variety of experiences. This incarnation is an important one because Gemini is conscious of the dualities in life: black and white, good and evil, male and female. Through his variety of experiences, he is to learn to rise above the plane of duality into conscious awareness of his soul. It is through this attunement to the soul that Gemini learns to control a very restless mind. Because Gemini's nervous system is so highly charged, this soul attunement is essential for his well-being. Gemini must learn to be grounded and centered in soul awareness in order to avoid adverse conditions involving his nervous system.
A Gemini incarnation involves learning to interact within cooperative relationships. Gemini tends to view others as a means to further his own agenda. He is to develop an awareness of others as unique individuals with whom he can share, relate, and experience mutual personal fulfillment.
Centered and grounded, Gemini possesses an outstanding capacity to communicate knowledge to others. A major goal is learning to synthesize into a meaningful whole the myriad facts and experiences Gemini gleans from life. Gemini is the energy of communication and outlets for doing so constructively are essential.
Gemini can be extremely creative. He possesses extraordinary finger dexterity and the ability to focus efficiently and simultaneously on several tasks. Gemini is inventive and perceives links between events that can result in original, creative problem solving. Gemini possesses an excellent mind; learning is a major part of his journey. Gemini is learning to focus, to concentrate, and to direct his energy with clarity and intention. Because he is thirsty for mental stimulation, Gemini's life-long search is for a "twin" with whom he can share total mental understanding.
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The person who is Cancer is beginning a new cycle of evolution through the zodiac. Embarking on a new cycle entails the necessity of getting to know and stabilizing Cancer's inner foundation of being. Until she does so, Cancer can be unaware of herself as an individual. Instead, she seeks her identification through her parents, her background, and later, the family she creates.
Because Cancer's self-identity is based on her family, one of her major soul lessons is learning to let go and allow her loved ones the freedom to be who they are. Cancer wants to possess, both family members and material things, as her source of security and self-preservation. Since Cancer is to develop a sense of herself as an individual, apart from all others, her soul will lead her into situations that will assist her in learning this lesson.
For example: Cancer is happily married, thriving in her secure home nest. Cancer tends to ignore her own creative, humanitarian self in preference for caring for her family. Her husband suddenly dies, leaving her alone and forced to make her way in the world. From the soul's perspective, the death of Cancer's husband paves the way for her to get acquainted with herself via exploring her talents. Cancer is to learn to let go of the familiar.
Cancer tends to repress her feelings, to cling to old pain and resentments. This repression of her emotions and failure to forgive often manifests as a physical illness. The illness is reminding Cancerof her need to forgive and release the past.
Cancer can be very nurturing, creative energy that thrives on giving birth-to children, to new ideas, to artistic creations, and to new humanitarian projects. As she learns the lessons of forgiveness and letting go, feelings that were once negative and repressed can be transformed into Cancer's tremendous ability to be compassionate. Cancer becomes the universal Mother, possessing the intuitive power to nurture others into all that they can be.
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The person who is Leo incarnated to develop wholeness within self and a strong sense of his individual uniqueness. On the personality-centered level, Leo is motivated by the need for love and dominion over others. Leo's soul goal is to become master over the ego-self and to offer love to humanity with no thought of return. Therefore, many of Leo's experiences will contain the conflict between the ego-self and the soul's desires.
For example: Leo often attempts to be the leader, whether or not he is selected for the position. When the group of "hoped-for-followers" refuses to accept his leadership, Leo's ego suffers great pain from what he perceives as "rejection" of who he is. These blows to Leo's ego are to be used as opportunities to develop a strong sense of ego-identity regardless of outside influences.
Leo is to look within and to create an "inner throne" as a result of self-mastery. Seated on this "inner throne," Leo surrenders his ego-will to the will of his soul. From his mundane longings to dominate as royalty, Leo is to evolve into functioning on the soul-centered level where his spiritual magnetism will automatically attract others. Instead of longing for the love of others, Leo now willingly extends love to humanity. As a result of developing a strong inner ego surrendered to his soul's desires, Leo awakens to his leadership role as an outstanding and unique Part of the Whole.
Creativity is vital to Leo's spiritual journey. Creativity reveals Leo's uniqueness; it proclaims who he is. Leo usually possesses a marked flair for drama, arts, and sports. He is intensely emotional, courageous, optimistic, very generous, and affectionate. Leo often brings sunshine into the lives of others with his radiant smile and cheerful disposition.
Leo's best career is one in which he has the freedom to create, promote ideas or causes, and to be a source of inspiration to others.
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The person who is Virgo incarnated to seek an avenue of meaningful service. Virgo asks, "How can I integrate a higher level of consciousness into my daily lifestyle and work?" She is more interested in rewarding work than in a highly paid, non-service type of job. Virgo's highest expression is found in serving others, in ways that offer healing of body, mind, and spirit.
A major challenge for Virgo is overcoming a tendency to criticize others. Because Virgo is striving for perfection, she very readily sees the imperfections in others. In actuality, Virgo is criticizing in others the very qualities she subconsciously knows must be corrected within herself. Others act as mirrors to remind Virgo what her soul assignments are. A Virgo incarnation marks the end of a cycle of purely personal development; it involves a process of transformation for the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Thus, Virgo's urge toward perfection.
Virgo must learn to think positively because her state of mind has a direct impact on her physical health. Virgo health can be a barometer of the measure of personal satisfaction she experiences in her work. Once Virgo believes her work to no longer be meaningful or offer an avenue of continued growth, her physical body will manifest symptoms that say, "It's time for a change." When this happens, Virgo needs to listen and take appropriate action. Virgo is not easily defeated; instead, she uses her active mind to seek new ways to find success.
Virgo is learning discernment and how to analyze and be more objective. She is experimenting and searching for a means of creative self-expression that will be practical and meaningful to those she serves. Virgo dislikes conflict, considering it to be a waste of time. She uses her creative talents to give birth to her own unique contribution to our world. Faith in the Divine and in herself is characteristic at the soul-centered level. Virgo's ultimate service is to live as an expression of Self in an act of Love.
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The person who is Libra incarnated to search for the soul mate. Libra attempts to balance the polarities of life, especially as they relate to the masculine and feminine energies.
At the mundane level, Libra enters relationships for the sake of having them. Libra's personality level motto is: "Be cooperative and do things my way." He must overcome the urge to be victorious over others. He is learning to move away from functioning in the "me" consciousness and to enter the "we" consciousness. In doing so, Libra may forfeit his individuality by living through his mate. He may allow others to dominate him in an effort to keep the peace.
The Libra incarnation relates to the 7th day of creation, a karmic hiatus. The soul is allowed to rest before moving into the transformative struggles of a Scorpio incarnation. A sense of self has been developed during the first six zodiac signs; now, Libra will focus on relationships, on balancing the personality and soul while relating to the external world.
Libra possesses natural charm, intuition, and social skills. In love, Libra is affectionate and loyal. Though he appears docile and sweet on the exterior, there is a fist of iron underneath the velvet glove. Still, Libra is the diplomat par excellence. He is friendly, extroverted, fair-minded, and interested in living life to the fullest. He loves to travel. Libra is happiest in work that involves partnership, located in a pleasant environment, and allows for the creative expression of a refined mind interested in the arts and music. Libra's smile is legendary for its ability to melt the hearts of those around him. He has an excellent, executive type mind.
On the soul-centered level, Libra is the social innovator, the cohesive force in the world of finance, politics, and diplomacy. Libra strives to create right human relations between all persons and has the potential to greatly benefit our world.
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The person who is Scorpio incarnated to win the symbolic battle of Armageddon between her lower self's desires and the soul-centerd self. A Scorpio incarnation is a difficult one involving the search for transformation. Scorpio is to overcome all selfishness and to learn the art of self-sacrifice for others. Scorpio feels the urge to develop her unique individuality and to refine it.
Scorpio, on the personality level, is self-centered. She unconsciously creates a series of self-annihilating events. Her purpose is to cause enough pain within herself to awaken her to the opportunity for redemption. Much of this pain is created through being jealous, vindictive, sarcastic, and underhanded. As Scorpio achieves objectivity and patience, her inner brilliance begins to shine forth. She is loyal to her family and willingly makes sacrifices for them. Scorpio is supportive in assisting others in their creative self-expression. Scorpio is courageous, highly intuitive, with a personal magnetism that draws friends to her. She possesses a very strong will, a keen analytical mind, and talent for long-range planning. She can be extremely resourceful and creative. Living near water is healing for Scorpio. Marriage and relationships are important.
Her transformation involves learning to be outgoing toward others and to use her tremendous power to heal and bless others. When Scorpio serves with no thought of self, she is dynamic-even majestic. At the soul-centered level, Scorpio exhibits an inner brilliance and magnetic power. She has tremendous healing ability and becomes totally dedicated to the unfolding of the Divine Plan for all of humanity.
The Scorpio incarnation is a decisive one following which she will either progress to Sagittarius or retrogress back to Libra. Scorpio is the way out of the personality-centered life. She is to be resurrected from the ashes of her lower self into the Phoenix-her soul-centered symbol. As a One-pointed Disciple, she is to transform the energy of conflict into harmony, beauty, and love.
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The person who is Sagittarius incarnated to search for wisdom. Sagittarius asks: "What is my purpose in life?" He is goal-oriented, continually moving from the completion of one objective to an even higher one.
On the personality level, Sagittarius is controlled by his own desires and passions. At this level, Sagittarius attempts to control the persons and events within his environment, rather than learning to control his own lower self. He tends to project blame onto others, to procrastinate, and to lack tactfulness. Though his impulsive words can be painful, Sagittarius seldom means to hurt others and can be shocked to find he has done so.
As Sagittarius awakens to the spiritual perspective, he strives to develop self-discipline and to channel his abundant energy into fulfilling his soul purpose. Sagittarius is versatile, optimistic, friendly, and daring. He does well in vocations that involve risk-taking, travel, and sales. Sagittarius needs to be free to roam the planet and to contemplate the meaning of life. Sagittarius is a fortunate energy; life is usually filled with adventure and abundant living. He has an innate understanding of people. Education and communicating what he knows are a major part of Sagittarius' journey. He is playful and spontaneous.
A Sagittarius incarnation marks the final stages of the transformative purification process. Often a hip injury will mark the beginning of this self-transformation. Sagittarius is to become the One-pointed Disciple symbolized by the Knight riding his horse. The Knight's arrow signifies a shaft of light released from his Higher Mind to be used to enlighten others. At the soul-centered level, Sagittarius becomes the minister, teacher, and healer of humanity. He is a true visionary and inspiring prophet.
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The person who is Capricorn incarnated to successfully complete the initiation process and to awaken to a higher level of consciousness. Capricorn is the PATHWAY TO TRANSFIGURATION.
Capricorn is learning to overcome ambition of self and to give up attachment to material forms. This process can involve some difficult lessons if Capricorn clings to her earth plane symbols of success. An inferiority complex gives her the need for prestige and positive reinforcement. On the mundane level, Capricorn can feel restricted, resulting in a disposition colored by worry or melancholy. Capricorn's life can seem to be a constant uphill battle, until she learns to release the excess karmic baggage she brings in from previous lifetimes. She suffers because she requires this stimulus to lead her into the initiation process. Once she orients herself to conscious soul growth, the need to suffer is eliminated.
As Capricorn awakens spiritually, she loses interest in worldly status and begins to focus her efforts on benefitting others. Capricorn feels a deep sense of responsibility for the events and persons around her. Capricorn is happiest in work that requires organization, integrity, and persistence. Hard work invigorates her. Though she appears to be a reserved loner, she is actually very sensitive and enjoys the company of others. She is loyal to friends and family. Capricorn is thoughtful, compassionate, and romantic. She is attracted to politics and acting because she loves the limelight.
Capricorn is family oriented and often has a karmic link with the parents. The Capricorn male clings to mother, making her the center of his life, even after marriage. The Capricorn female may allow her father to select her mate - or - she will select her own mate out of rebellion against her father. At some point, Capricorn will break out of this karmic prison and come into her own. She then embarks on her search for a mission in life. She becomes the Initiate who creates innovative resources for serving the world.
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The person who is Aquarius incarnated to be the "Waterbearer" to humanity. He seeks to baptize others with his philosophy of life and to live his life as a conscious service to humanity. Group relationships become important.
At the personality-level, Aquarius is the "air head" who lacks grounding to the Earth. He may attempt to be all things to all people, exhausting himself in the process. Aquarius may choose to merge his personal identity with the unconscious masses. As he awakens spiritually, Aquarius becomes increasingly creative in order to benefit society. This creative self-expression helps to integrate his personality; he becomes self-confident. Aquarius is extremely innovative, resourceful, and intuitive. He is a social progressive who feels a tremendous need to bring about freedom and equality for all human beings.
Aquarius marches to a different drummer. He possesses warmth, yet appears distant. He is more concerned for the whole, than for any one part. Aquarius is the visionary who can lead people into something better. Friendship is vital to Aquarius. Marriage often grounds Aquarius. He will desire a mate who is an intellectual companion and friend. Aquarius can be impatient, extremely stubborn, and impersonal.
There are two types of Aquarians: one is more attuned to Saturn and will seem more like Capricorn; the other is more attuned to Uranus and will be a free spirit, eager to grow and to learn. He seeks Truth everywhere. The Uranian Aquarius will create his own work, designed to be universal in scope.
Aquarius must go alone into the forest in search for the Holy Grail. His journey can be lonely. Aquarius is to surrender his will to the Divine Will and to work for the good of all persons. He is to integrate New Age Principles into his innovative work of sowing the seeds of transformation into the conscious awareness of humanity. Aquarius works with an intuitive alignment to the Divine Plan.
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Pisces incarnated to complete one cycle of twelve incarnations and to prepare for the next cycle. She struggles with duality, especially as she seeks to fuse her personality-self with her Soul. Pisces is learning to control her emotional ups and downs.
Pisces, on the personality level, is sensitive to everyone and everything, while lacking the ability to discriminate the source of that sensitivity. She may mistake her psychic sensitivity for spiritual understanding. Pisces, at this level, may throw herself away on someone or so completely merge her identity with that of the group that she seems to disappear. Pisces can completely dominate her environment with her seepage of emotional energy. As she attempts unconsciously to tie up the loose ends from previous incarnations, she may react with a desire to escape physical plane living. She can be moody, prone to self-pity, and impressionable. The urge for other worlds may lead to substance abuse.
As Pisces awakens spiritually, she learns to control her emotions and channel them into enormous understanding of particular projects. Within herself, she has access to an unlimited amount of past life talents and resources. Pisces is now able to express compassion, to be self-sufficient, and extremely creative. She is highly intuitive, versatile, and adaptable. Pisces will always be at her best when serving others. She is attracted to all forms of art, especially drama, and needs to engage in music and healing. Pisces suffers when she fails to be creative and to serve others.
Pisces, on the soul-centered level, searches for her "interior castle of peace." It is in Pisces that the victory of Divine Love is won. She is capable of great achievements and has a high and holy destiny-that of being a World Server as was Mother Theresa, a soul-centered Pisces.


Monday, June 23, 2014

My poem's



A matches light my thumbs not up,
Walking in the dark gallows.

Myself in the dumps,
An act a meaningful crunch.

"Stomping away on a heart thump"

A referendum a brain,
and hell's stopping game.

Up and down the walkway,

the answers tips my tongue,
Times is still young.
"feeling unknown"

Like being the trench of a war,
times a ton.

Finished lots work in fun,
my anatomy of ones own pun.

Every time looking back,
at ones own life's work,

"thoughts of myself first."

Assignments were somewhat hard,
looming with expressions ,

I gulp....


aggravation of a nation!

creations swerve .
Missouri River curves.

Running clear through it,
the center fault breaks.

Includes much,
asymmetrical rush,
water falling, flush.

violence concealing,
yet finding elsewhere,
four score, 13 years.

Home alone bound kills.
This is not the eve news,
responding, top crewz.

Violence up heave's, thy pri$on,
Decades of Verdict$ giVen.

faVors different,
transferring the truth,
respect me or else,

It’s unbelieVable,
respected, NOVA...
under the same page,
understood no "better".

Familiar sway,
focus of masked play,
recording magnificent craze.

majority rule down
low on the ground,
sit on a house.

oversee real-time
zero in on problem$,
suspecting follower.

Privacy please,
nice shade, fall,
a visitor, question's?

‘what,’ ” .‘why’ and ‘who.’ ”

efforts build, on Fort├ęs words...
getting some, to make..”
there environment,
somewhere else.

Where always protected,
from frequency reception.

square-mile area,
stationary gets away,
vehicles after enemy.

As it stands too close to me,
bigger plans reside.


Blackness unwilling to listen,
 swept a wisp of smokey glisten.

  Whom have kept myself in reminisce.

wearing away the tears,
  falling down in fear,
   only  time will  tell.

Help remains found late,
 a heart willing not to break.

Every souls destination,
 is heavens gate.

 follow me,
    It comes naturally..

 On your mark!

 The zeal for speed,    
caused scar.

Decades ago,
authority's emerged
 competition of think "road"

It's Top Gun, bus jocks.
 tapped to represent bus stops.

Party's going mainstream,
intercepting daydreams.

Mammoth, Kansas City,
 dusting dirt,
   construction route.

A maze of orange,
commonly taking turns.

inhuman element sits
dealing with variety trips. 
Maneuvers in timed sequences,
lasting 7 minutes.
Get ready,
 get set,

Poetry by me, Menime...


Do it off the fly,
Iron Maiden disguise.
Lasting bruise,
easily amuse.
corporate mayor,
propaganda slayer.
Heavy code covers,
affiliate lovers.
mirror image,
Conscience finds,

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

As he world turns...

The peoples attendance,

to follow is recommended.

The loved ones are all gone,

only one member remains,

last words

Refuse to be a pawn,

users in the air,

passenger fare.

Demolition flattened road,

people walking through,

on my way to work.

Probably survive 9 to five,

typical 3 trip bus ride.

Realize the time it takes,

schedule plus, travel makes.

Tired of the to and fro,

I just don't or want to go.

Needed on thy agenda,

supported a spender

Its a way of life today,

God through Jesus praise.

somebody somewhere,

has the words,

Courage to serve,

ability to learn..

As he world turns...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eminem, is not going to die.

A Sarah thing...

A Sarah thing

Thought it was a Sarah thing,
with egg and mashed wings,
shit eleven is better than never.
another blow to my brain,
sister's insaine. 2 years on the plate.
a straight technical pissing.
techa ninna is a girl
mean she was until grace beat it up
like a drum all in unison.
 I could adore, is it possible?.
Eminem is trying to get at Sarah with rah rah rah in romans revenge.
or perhaps his mom, debrah rah rah.
and all the stan via barb bullshit is realy a game..
to get at her for what ever she did,
i mean she was two years late.
mascara egged face her fate.
kanrocksas she red muse,
unconditional love a fuse.
regret chance's missed,
if I could go back I would...
far-away back, i wouldn't be so bad.


I could adore, is it possible?.
Eminem is trying to get at Sarah with rah rah rah in romans revenge.
or perhaps his mom, debrah rah rah
 The song ROMANS REVENGE by Nikki Minaj and Eminem titled Romans Revenge has a part in it "rah Rah" well.... sarahhh, etc...

and all the stan via barb bullshit is realy a game..
to get at her for what ever she did :
Eminem's Stan is Nikki's Barb or barb rahh...

i mean she was two years late.
mascara egged face her fate: another song by Eminem;
All she wrote, his lyric say to Sarah again "2 years late with mascara and egg smeared in her face".
its about eminems half sister and her regrets to missing out on him, my writing is...

kanrocksas she red muse,unconditional love a fuse:
kanrocksas had Eminem headlining in the first tour and so was a group named Muse

 I added bc Mammoth Inc messed the venue's up somehow...

regret chance's missed, if she could go back she would:
Going back in time the concert was the chance, it would have been attended.

far-away back, i wouldn't be so bad:.
 It about life's decisions and when to make them.

Written in third party so easier understood, if not then i just don't know.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Psychology 101.

Menime adoptee' the sibling quest.
A pixie stick mess of past shit,
search for truth driven, dark given.
Hidden domestic time, 

crips the spine.
Breaks scenes tragedy, untold crime.
Closet case a fall breaks, unattended.
Reverse action gone wrong, 

Psychology 101.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Subscriber denied me, says I am banned...

Unsure of why, I am unable to subscribe; it says my email is banned, I am on to them and the Midwest's opinion on women and Kansas City's process of promoting a cause or plan is now a question of how?.

I have a job interview on Wednesday I pray I get it to escape the fake.


During my job searching I found an add that had further instructions of contact number, I call these people who seemed authentic. I get a way to help me search further into the work force, and then nothing.

Gigabit is found negatively because, research is done for other reasons other than personal help but possibly for more census reasoning? NO RESPONSE meaning? lost cause, well I'm not!!


related articles:


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WE MAKE IT Too easy

My opinion's on Homelessness/ transient/ street people.

in Kansas City:

WE MAKE IT Too easy, and we have nothing to encourage them with physically, spiritually, and there's definitely no real social skills being provided.
Volunteers (arn't) cannot fraternize, so just send the food on through only keeping security.


Keep security on the in and out.
Make privacy available for them.
give them roof's, small 4x4, heated.
We need to keep pay phones.
motivate them by feeding sac lunches only.
Make parents suffer, and stay parents.
provided phones only on business lines.
Let them be the workers.


Overfeed them.
provide haircuts or barber.
Give them television.
take the kids away.
Take away pay phones.
Base provide on religious status.
Turn them into cases.
Ignore them, every little bit helps.

Let them be the workers means,

 if your not able to hire try to help them out in some other way, by washing car, or windows, or if at a business to sweep the parking lot, etc. Stop giving them money for nothing, meaning paper. I know jobs are tight right now I am going through it myself so I have my skill of Housekeeping to offer, I can do any size job please call 816-682-6275 for my guessed estimate.
Love thy fellow Kansas Citian, not literally but atleast acknowledge if not more, that way not everyone's bad here. Its cold out there and when outside the atmosphere of peoples attitudes makes it seem like the coldest. Please take the time and play Mac Lethal's song "I feel it in the air" he knows what I am saying.



some of us have somewhere to live.
I was a speed limit girl myself but when I watch all of you drivers, while I am waiting on the bus (which feels like an eternity) I have noticed something, either your pedal is to the metal, or driving daisy slow so watch your breaks if you have them.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The intentions shaped the dangerous ways, ,
straight isn't on your list, demented in effect. completed missions aren't applicable,
state line tried, Kansas City crime, reckless or not think before it cost's.
testing to be a besty is only human game, Death's will just sign here don't feel.
witness the bad business at hand, con-artist the dad, thumped my head.
echo of word, a checklist of want, doubting my life accusing my heart.
losing my ride like its just cruising by. D and D there I go again...
the only way of ones own REVENGE.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Family Fued

By Gary Horcher
MOUNTLAKE TERRACE — A 26-year old Mountlake Terrace man admitted to police—he burned his young nephews and niece with cigarettes repeatedly out of anger, over the course of a year. 26-year-old Jeffrey Allan Marshall was arrested after the children’s grandmother noticed small burns and scars all over the arms and legs of her 9-year-old grandson.” I counted 30 burns on each foot, “said Shari Keith. “I saw burns on his legs on the knees on the ankles, on the insides of his toes, he was covered in burns.” Then Keith and her partner, Bryan Bodyfelt, saw more burns on the fingers of their 22-month old grandson as well. Keith’s 5-year-old granddaughter also showed injuries on her legs, suggesting abuse. She photographed the burns, and immediately brought the photos and the children to the Mountlake Terrace Police department. “They tried to talk to the kids, but they tensed up, they were so afraid, and they didn’t want to talk to them, “Keith said. Eventually, the 9-year-old boy bravely explained the abuse to his grandmother. “He said my uncle did it grandma! He does it almost every day." When Marshall was arrested in the house he and the children shared, police questioned his sister—the children’s mother—and paternal grandmother as well. According to court documents, the Mountlake Terrace police officer who arrested Marshall noticed the house smelled strongly of urine. The children are in protective custody. Marshall faces charges of child abuse and assault on a child. “All i can say is God have mercy on his soul, when he has to come to judgment,” exclaimed Keith, “and I hope they are not lenient on him at all." http://www.kirotv.com/news/news/man-accused-burning-nephews-and-niece-cigarettes/nZf7k/

The Parent Trap

My father by blood relation's had the same name as Ronald and I am just stuck. If I follow the paper trail my conception was in Burbank, LA California 1976. The woman that contacted me was extremely hesitant claiming my birthright like some kind of being? It was expressed in a way that was empty and that just isn't enough for me. The story line was possible but it didn't match up either, cigarette burns on my skin turned into just one. My questions I had for her she just couldn't seem to know, not even a soul.
My Godmother Betty Mathers I remember rather well, her voice especially and the story about Sarah. I have been searching for answer's and in my guilt repressed the memory of Marshal so far back in my brain I just couldn't remember. A repressed memory is a condition where a memory has been unconsciously blocked by an individual due to the high level of stress or trauma contained in that memory. My memory of him as kids are glim but not all bad until bed time which I again feel like a possible monster. It is unexplainable how so young even I could have been so mean to Marshal was it because of abuse? my cigarette burns on my body? I was only a baby.
Part of me just thinks my dad changed the names on my paperwork so latter on after it was explained to me I would be doomed. In wonderment of why would my own dad do this to me I can think of so many reasons why. number 1. I was a total bitch to raise. 2. my burn marks 3. his adultery habit 4. obsession with gullible beauty, meaning a woman who believed his bullshit lies.
My life has been cut in half for most of my days, lived in two completely different places being Hawaii and Missouri, my mom and dad met in California at work. I'd imagine the golf course was the main drag which impressed my dad it was his favorite pastime sport. he worshiped the ground she walked because she remained a virgin up until she was ready. At the time he was caught fooling around with some other women we lived in Fresno for a year her hometown.
Halloween day in Fresno.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Eminem; Crickets nice!  

 was a song on one of my first playlist known, that was sweet the thought of you peeking at my beats.

Dearest Sibling,

Eminem: Its your twisted sister again- JACK BE NIMBLE JACK BE QUICK< NOBODY know's anything!!! My dad was a Ron, an invisible mom- changes unmade bed springs like blades.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Why? do I think Eminem's my brother"

Betty Mathers, is my godmother that helped mom and dad find me she also mentions a daughter by the name of Sarah.

 Dads 1st wife was a Debby.even though he trys to confuse me with my own mothers name.

 Eminem has a sister who he has never met or knew existed by the name of Sarah and. Betty concluded to me that Sarah had been killed someway before I was 8 years old.

Dad wont answer my questions, and Betty I can't seem to find now.

Betty Mathers mentioned a Debby also.

I remembered him also from my childhood a young Marshal, at a babysitters house being his home, maybe the babysitter was related..

 I continued searching dad's history, and it turns out that his birthplace is Buffalo, MO or Ponce de Leon..


Eminem's fathers name was Ronald in his earlier biography's but since his father tryed to approach him I think it was best he edited him and his true information.,

When my mother who raised me gave me my original birth certificate ifromation states that I was adopted in Burbank California, in L.A.

My Great Grandfathers house is in East LA.

My parents (who raised me) married in California.

My Godmother Betty Mathers finds me and finds my parents somehow and assists them through my legal adoption and this happens not far away from L.A. in Marina Del Rey..

My younger brothers pictures are the spitting image of the young  Eminem.

Physically we ( me and Em) both are near and far sided.
 Double jointed in the hands.
 We both had 3 children only his were girls.
 we both have given up children for adoption, except he kept Hailey.

The mother on my Birth certificate;
The mother on my birth certificate was Lori Lee Denny.
She supposedly contacts mom 3 or so years ago to try and reunite with me.
Times were hard for me and I briefly say hello and wait til I am ready to have that introduction by about 3 months then contact her. When I finally get the nerve to call Lori to ask her why she may be a lie. I am for sure someone is a lie. my father whom halfway raised me Dad would lie to her, so closure is in a rut.

FIND ME, who Eminem?

I have been checking up on these new additions to the whichever family addition. Is it Shady Records or Interscope which I believe marshal has been /had has/ been with for more than a tad and has been not with and is now the new Shady Label without the shade.


I am worried about him if you image search him with any of these characters/Slaughterhouse is a hip hop supergroup consisting of rappers Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, and Royce da 5'9".
 I get a rather gloomy arrangement of well A pretty fake setting.. I in my recollections of stars always if not as a whole group individually would at the least have some kind of media or private style pictures to boast off to the rest of the universe.
 I am including the little bit of pictures/fake looking too/ and includes the word Barb in joes shirt/ may be his real sisters actual name; yes.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Nothingness only tries...

sitting outside, Ritual's denied.
Ever-after happy-ending put aside 

tears trickling down the flushed face.

Walking sad pavement with hard pace.

Pushed standards in  human race.

Sirens arising , falsely erased

Deleting messages. flickering within,

forming to prisons, society's wretch!!

Starvation surrendered one-sided crutch, 

Simply watering eyes, echoes soft touch.

Friends in low place's rejecting our lives.

Helpless and
unforsaken, twist of knives.

Thoughtful obsessions, To.mother earth;

Fatherless confessions, a new birth.

Adventures of Monkey Train

I WiShed I CoUlD CoMe To YoUr GuYs Shows, 

I hAvE bEen uPsEt BeCaUse IT RaIn's ANd bLow'S . 

SPINNiNg 160's I ThINk He LAuGHs?.
BRaND nEw tO tHE gAME i TaKE It TWiCe, 

bACKINg homeboYs  sLicE "YES I CaN" 

LaSt NiGhts FoRtUne CooKiE bLiSS, LIeS bUt dOEs Not cRITiCiZe 

DiSgAiN. anD concertedness  wept In ThIs Last TriCK 

So LEt Me Be, sO i CaN sMoKe sOMe GrEEn. 

cAuSe I m HooKeD On PhOnics with a wiLL to pReVaiL  
A QuIckNeSs WrApPeD In KarMa. 

EnTwIned ArMs I'm GoNnA Get To See, AnD bE pRepAred... 
No One thrEw ThOse PiTcH FoRks At YoUrseLf, 
aT YoUr OwN wOunded FLEsh.. 

JuSt HoLD-up TheSe sTicK's Up under yoUr ArMs,  
cReAte BuT DoNt Be Late. wait!

WhO Is That? 
gUnS GLOw BrIgHt, jUsT tO dIsGuISe tHe dEViLS eYes. 
sHe gROwS wINg'S aNd eVeRtHiNG WrAPPeD uP tIgHt, 
cONSeALeD wRaPPeD tHiGH's, 

wItH ThE ExCePtIon Of tHE bLInDEd gIrL, GrAcEd iN tHe SUN,
" fUcK tHe WoRLD" sHe sAiD aS sHe LOoKeD AT hIm LoAdiNg a Gun. 

Oh DaRLIng I FeAr, woUld'Ve Been 0n time.
CauSe I'd CrY So FAst  HoLdInG The WrAth hiS boDy All BLooDy And FLAshED. 

FiNaLy the OpEniNg of her eye'S,  to ThAnk God hE hAdn"t paSSeD. 

WiThOUt All Of ThiS Rain fEeLinG All His Pain, CommInG up And beIng FrEe AcHeiVe's;
wIndInG woRdS thAt SpLUrDgEd DeDiCatioN...
UnDyInG SeEd's 

" In LiFe And LoVe its A comDoms TruSt, BuT Who ToPs ThE TraIn To YouR DeSirEs WheN YouR LoST?"

 LusTiNg Caused To MaRk AnD sLain;
 ThiS AdVenTuRe Of MonkEys TraIn, 

In The swANG swaNG it gOt Spung, And WaNtED A gUn. 

Its onLy of the Mind So NoT To WoRRy;
It Is NoT a WaLk, Just A TaLK, It iS unDeR ConTrOL!!

can'T Swing To WeLL But  "SPUNG" GoT bArbEd Wire To ExSpELL

 MuSiC, Is ScenE bUt ThE sUgAr PluMs aRe StiLL Dancing By ThE Sea, 
Big WavEs ComE CrAsHinG; sO wHy Arnt We? 

With dERailed street signs of ThRiLLsVille and speed

 ShE saYs As She TaUnTs Him,

 But Not To "FUcK Up HiS GaMe" 
JusT in nEeD Of ProTeCtiOn And It was sUch a shaMe. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

eminem's Barb!!!


OFOSHO.net - Keep Calm and Be Guam: Pumped Up Kicks - Eminem Collection

OFOSHO.net - Keep Calm and Be Guam: Pumped Up Kicks - Eminem Collection: While he is quite a prolific designer, sneakers by hip-hop artist Eminem have not amassed much attention mainly because they are so difficul...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

UNTITLED, by Eminem

This is my response

I fell for Cinderella man also known as Christopher,Vrinn-vrinn! in that mercedes benz running over women children and m
He took all of my shoes couldn't have walked a thousand miles, but I did make it to kalamazoo
just to try to find you
Found a tech nine though, he took it upon hisself just to have a noose waiting, so I could hang myself. Eminem I'm a match just like your ass always rymeing inside, thinking away the time.
I want to be in your life someday, just want to be a sister, would have been from the begin to end.
Dennis our dad hated druggies and did what he thought was best, and erased the Rons.
Created a fake Mom and thought he would get away with it all.
I exist your's forever true i love u.
you sister the twister,
unedited, or doctored for a factor.
Caspur, (cas) Barb'z / RAh rah Rah!
in KC aka Hushcaspi&slaughterhouse and magnum P.I near by
and old akasobecaspur and casterzz surprise.
privacy is a bitch, when your beautiful.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Memories of a brother whom picked his nose, no!

A boy at the babysitters that dug his nose, yes!

Dad's from Missouri everywhere and Mom California.

 I was adopted out of Burbank L.A. at 2 years old in 1978.

My godmother Betty Mathers was to deliver me to them.

Em's never even spoke words with his Betty heredity,  I've red.

My family life has been hard love, and its left me to seeking something that has been left.

 My dad erased me ( b/c he hated druggers!!)  his mom erased him and doubled up on Rons.

 I'm not left handed, my Mom is... shes not like Debbie or Sha-ron instead of drugs her addiction is love novel's and chocolate.

Had a big teddy bear given to me by my dad while our plane lands on the 808

Betty stressed the truth her sarcastic way, of imaginary Sarah, rah rah.

I was so mad so young! i'm sorry Marshal.

I probably would have remembered, 2007.

2010 I remembered you, i cried and it was your 39th birthday.

I'm 37, alone like you, I'm not a liar like dad.

My heart is a prison, my sibling.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Half adopted