Saturday, May 4, 2013

UNTITLED, by Eminem

This is my response

I fell for Cinderella man also known as Christopher,Vrinn-vrinn! in that mercedes benz running over women children and m
He took all of my shoes couldn't have walked a thousand miles, but I did make it to kalamazoo
just to try to find you
Found a tech nine though, he took it upon hisself just to have a noose waiting, so I could hang myself. Eminem I'm a match just like your ass always rymeing inside, thinking away the time.
I want to be in your life someday, just want to be a sister, would have been from the begin to end.
Dennis our dad hated druggies and did what he thought was best, and erased the Rons.
Created a fake Mom and thought he would get away with it all.
I exist your's forever true i love u.
you sister the twister,
unedited, or doctored for a factor.
Caspur, (cas) Barb'z / RAh rah Rah!
in KC aka Hushcaspi&slaughterhouse and magnum P.I near by
and old akasobecaspur and casterzz surprise.
privacy is a bitch, when your beautiful.

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