Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WE MAKE IT Too easy

My opinion's on Homelessness/ transient/ street people.

in Kansas City:

WE MAKE IT Too easy, and we have nothing to encourage them with physically, spiritually, and there's definitely no real social skills being provided.
Volunteers (arn't) cannot fraternize, so just send the food on through only keeping security.


Keep security on the in and out.
Make privacy available for them.
give them roof's, small 4x4, heated.
We need to keep pay phones.
motivate them by feeding sac lunches only.
Make parents suffer, and stay parents.
provided phones only on business lines.
Let them be the workers.


Overfeed them.
provide haircuts or barber.
Give them television.
take the kids away.
Take away pay phones.
Base provide on religious status.
Turn them into cases.
Ignore them, every little bit helps.

Let them be the workers means,

 if your not able to hire try to help them out in some other way, by washing car, or windows, or if at a business to sweep the parking lot, etc. Stop giving them money for nothing, meaning paper. I know jobs are tight right now I am going through it myself so I have my skill of Housekeeping to offer, I can do any size job please call 816-682-6275 for my guessed estimate.
Love thy fellow Kansas Citian, not literally but atleast acknowledge if not more, that way not everyone's bad here. Its cold out there and when outside the atmosphere of peoples attitudes makes it seem like the coldest. Please take the time and play Mac Lethal's song "I feel it in the air" he knows what I am saying.



some of us have somewhere to live.
I was a speed limit girl myself but when I watch all of you drivers, while I am waiting on the bus (which feels like an eternity) I have noticed something, either your pedal is to the metal, or driving daisy slow so watch your breaks if you have them.

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