Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Memories of a brother whom picked his nose, no!

A boy at the babysitters that dug his nose, yes!

Dad's from Missouri everywhere and Mom California.

 I was adopted out of Burbank L.A. at 2 years old in 1978.

My godmother Betty Mathers was to deliver me to them.

Em's never even spoke words with his Betty heredity,  I've red.

My family life has been hard love, and its left me to seeking something that has been left.

 My dad erased me ( b/c he hated druggers!!)  his mom erased him and doubled up on Rons.

 I'm not left handed, my Mom is... shes not like Debbie or Sha-ron instead of drugs her addiction is love novel's and chocolate.

Had a big teddy bear given to me by my dad while our plane lands on the 808

Betty stressed the truth her sarcastic way, of imaginary Sarah, rah rah.

I was so mad so young! i'm sorry Marshal.

I probably would have remembered, 2007.

2010 I remembered you, i cried and it was your 39th birthday.

I'm 37, alone like you, I'm not a liar like dad.

My heart is a prison, my sibling.


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