Friday, May 24, 2013

Adventures of Monkey Train

I WiShed I CoUlD CoMe To YoUr GuYs Shows, 

I hAvE bEen uPsEt BeCaUse IT RaIn's ANd bLow'S . 

SPINNiNg 160's I ThINk He LAuGHs?.
BRaND nEw tO tHE gAME i TaKE It TWiCe, 

bACKINg homeboYs  sLicE "YES I CaN" 

LaSt NiGhts FoRtUne CooKiE bLiSS, LIeS bUt dOEs Not cRITiCiZe 

DiSgAiN. anD concertedness  wept In ThIs Last TriCK 

So LEt Me Be, sO i CaN sMoKe sOMe GrEEn. 

cAuSe I m HooKeD On PhOnics with a wiLL to pReVaiL  
A QuIckNeSs WrApPeD In KarMa. 

EnTwIned ArMs I'm GoNnA Get To See, AnD bE pRepAred... 
No One thrEw ThOse PiTcH FoRks At YoUrseLf, 
aT YoUr OwN wOunded FLEsh.. 

JuSt HoLD-up TheSe sTicK's Up under yoUr ArMs,  
cReAte BuT DoNt Be Late. wait!

WhO Is That? 
gUnS GLOw BrIgHt, jUsT tO dIsGuISe tHe dEViLS eYes. 
sHe gROwS wINg'S aNd eVeRtHiNG WrAPPeD uP tIgHt, 
cONSeALeD wRaPPeD tHiGH's, 

wItH ThE ExCePtIon Of tHE bLInDEd gIrL, GrAcEd iN tHe SUN,
" fUcK tHe WoRLD" sHe sAiD aS sHe LOoKeD AT hIm LoAdiNg a Gun. 

Oh DaRLIng I FeAr, woUld'Ve Been 0n time.
CauSe I'd CrY So FAst  HoLdInG The WrAth hiS boDy All BLooDy And FLAshED. 

FiNaLy the OpEniNg of her eye'S,  to ThAnk God hE hAdn"t paSSeD. 

WiThOUt All Of ThiS Rain fEeLinG All His Pain, CommInG up And beIng FrEe AcHeiVe's;
wIndInG woRdS thAt SpLUrDgEd DeDiCatioN...
UnDyInG SeEd's 

" In LiFe And LoVe its A comDoms TruSt, BuT Who ToPs ThE TraIn To YouR DeSirEs WheN YouR LoST?"

 LusTiNg Caused To MaRk AnD sLain;
 ThiS AdVenTuRe Of MonkEys TraIn, 

In The swANG swaNG it gOt Spung, And WaNtED A gUn. 

Its onLy of the Mind So NoT To WoRRy;
It Is NoT a WaLk, Just A TaLK, It iS unDeR ConTrOL!!

can'T Swing To WeLL But  "SPUNG" GoT bArbEd Wire To ExSpELL

 MuSiC, Is ScenE bUt ThE sUgAr PluMs aRe StiLL Dancing By ThE Sea, 
Big WavEs ComE CrAsHinG; sO wHy Arnt We? 

With dERailed street signs of ThRiLLsVille and speed

 ShE saYs As She TaUnTs Him,

 But Not To "FUcK Up HiS GaMe" 
JusT in nEeD Of ProTeCtiOn And It was sUch a shaMe. 

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