Monday, June 23, 2014

Poetry by me, Menime...


Do it off the fly,
Iron Maiden disguise.
Lasting bruise,
easily amuse.
corporate mayor,
propaganda slayer.
Heavy code covers,
affiliate lovers.
mirror image,
Conscience finds,

Remember me?
anonymous girl three.
Still in K.c.,
invested mailbra,
 Tech gon' smell yah, okay?
amazed by mayday.
 and its still happening.
Show me a god,
loved your ghost,
 induced song.
Still won't just settle for most,
my inquiry, what It means is,
Ms.cas says;' Shoo-be-doobie-doo"
to Mr. Im killing you...
Introduction lady-mode ,
pay to play,
 mystery dates,
  copy, paste, checkmate. 

 becometh real,
  all alone...

Duel Nuclear,

  of protection.

Memory lapse,
 location maps.

Vacation cul-de-sac,
  little swing set.

Inside foremost,
  customized post.

Clouds above sky,
  cleared for light.

Tunnels down with shine,
 so bright burns your eyes.

Diversity is key,
 Rated to gold plated.

Count on the county,
  conviction was faulty.

Bare necessities peaks our destiny.

Surrender only bleeds,
 Propt door open breeze.

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