Monday, June 23, 2014

My poem's



A matches light my thumbs not up,
Walking in the dark gallows.

Myself in the dumps,
An act a meaningful crunch.

"Stomping away on a heart thump"

A referendum a brain,
and hell's stopping game.

Up and down the walkway,

the answers tips my tongue,
Times is still young.
"feeling unknown"

Like being the trench of a war,
times a ton.

Finished lots work in fun,
my anatomy of ones own pun.

Every time looking back,
at ones own life's work,

"thoughts of myself first."

Assignments were somewhat hard,
looming with expressions ,

I gulp....


aggravation of a nation!

creations swerve .
Missouri River curves.

Running clear through it,
the center fault breaks.

Includes much,
asymmetrical rush,
water falling, flush.

violence concealing,
yet finding elsewhere,
four score, 13 years.

Home alone bound kills.
This is not the eve news,
responding, top crewz.

Violence up heave's, thy pri$on,
Decades of Verdict$ giVen.

faVors different,
transferring the truth,
respect me or else,

It’s unbelieVable,
respected, NOVA...
under the same page,
understood no "better".

Familiar sway,
focus of masked play,
recording magnificent craze.

majority rule down
low on the ground,
sit on a house.

oversee real-time
zero in on problem$,
suspecting follower.

Privacy please,
nice shade, fall,
a visitor, question's?

‘what,’ ” .‘why’ and ‘who.’ ”

efforts build, on Fortés words...
getting some, to make..”
there environment,
somewhere else.

Where always protected,
from frequency reception.

square-mile area,
stationary gets away,
vehicles after enemy.

As it stands too close to me,
bigger plans reside.


Blackness unwilling to listen,
 swept a wisp of smokey glisten.

  Whom have kept myself in reminisce.

wearing away the tears,
  falling down in fear,
   only  time will  tell.

Help remains found late,
 a heart willing not to break.

Every souls destination,
 is heavens gate.

 follow me,
    It comes naturally..

 On your mark!

 The zeal for speed,    
caused scar.

Decades ago,
authority's emerged
 competition of think "road"

It's Top Gun, bus jocks.
 tapped to represent bus stops.

Party's going mainstream,
intercepting daydreams.

Mammoth, Kansas City,
 dusting dirt,
   construction route.

A maze of orange,
commonly taking turns.

inhuman element sits
dealing with variety trips. 
Maneuvers in timed sequences,
lasting 7 minutes.
Get ready,
 get set,

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