Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Why? do I think Eminem's my brother"

Betty Mathers, is my godmother that helped mom and dad find me she also mentions a daughter by the name of Sarah.

 Dads 1st wife was a Debby.even though he trys to confuse me with my own mothers name.

 Eminem has a sister who he has never met or knew existed by the name of Sarah and. Betty concluded to me that Sarah had been killed someway before I was 8 years old.

Dad wont answer my questions, and Betty I can't seem to find now.

Betty Mathers mentioned a Debby also.

I remembered him also from my childhood a young Marshal, at a babysitters house being his home, maybe the babysitter was related..

 I continued searching dad's history, and it turns out that his birthplace is Buffalo, MO or Ponce de Leon.. 

Eminem's fathers name was Ronald in his earlier biography's but since his father tryed to approach him I think it was best he edited him and his true information.,

When my mother who raised me gave me my original birth certificate ifromation states that I was adopted in Burbank California, in L.A.

My Great Grandfathers house is in East LA.

My parents (who raised me) married in California.

My Godmother Betty Mathers finds me and finds my parents somehow and assists them through my legal adoption and this happens not far away from L.A. in Marina Del Rey..

My younger brothers pictures are the spitting image of the young  Eminem.

Physically we ( me and Em) both are near and far sided.
 Double jointed in the hands.
 We both had 3 children only his were girls.
 we both have given up children for adoption, except he kept Hailey.

The mother on my Birth certificate;
The mother on my birth certificate was Lori Lee Denny.
She supposedly contacts mom 3 or so years ago to try and reunite with me.
Times were hard for me and I briefly say hello and wait til I am ready to have that introduction by about 3 months then contact her. When I finally get the nerve to call Lori to ask her why she may be a lie. I am for sure someone is a lie. my father whom halfway raised me Dad would lie to her, so closure is in a rut.

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